Monday, September 1, 2008


triple treat - chocoberry medley
(digestive crumbs, layers of chocolate & blueberry & vanilla flavored cheesecake with dark cherries filling)

yatt's special cheesecake

(richly flavored chezcake by crispy choc bar, finely grated choc couverture with a slight hint of coffee. coarsely chopped cashew nuts crust (u may have oreo crust as an alternative), topped with ganache, grated choc & fresh strawberries)


(richly flavored batter with a tinge of blueberry, grated chocolate & dark cherries on oreo crumbs, topped with ganache & seedless grapes)

(choc marbled cheesecake with peach topping on oreo crumbs)

strawberry cheesecake
(baked creamy cheesecake with strawberry topping)
blueberry cheesecake
(baked creamy cheesecake with bluberry topping)

oreo cheesecake

(baked creamy cheesecake with oreo bits on oreo crumbs)

chocolate cheesecake
(chocolate cheese I : oreo crumbs, chocolatey baked cheesecake filled with peach cutlets topped with choc ganache
chocolate cheese II : cashew nuts crumbs, rich chocolatey baked cheesecake coated with ganache & almond flakes/ grated dark chocolate)

apart from the standard topping you can choose to have special extra fruits topping arrangements with an extra charge FROM min RM10